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The Elk River Ramblers are a dynamic string trio, presenting original arrangements and compositions of Appalachian Old-Time, Bluegrass, Celtic, Klezmer, Jazz, and Classic Rock.

The Elk River Ramblers were formed in 2009 by original members Alan Dutchess, Terry Richardson, and Paul Marganian.  Originally they were an informal group playing mostly Old-Time Appalachian tunes on Thursday nights at their name-sake venue, The Elk River Restaurant.  Over the years, and through many ups and downs, they have evolved into a group playing a wide, eclectic mix of musical genres.  With three CD recordings to their name, they can be seen at various locations throughout the Mountain State.

The Elk River Ramblers currently are Seth Maynard on guitar and vocals, Galen Watts on 6-string electric bass and vocals, and Paul Marganian on fiddle, guitar, and vocals.

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Seth Maynard

// guitar


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Paul Marganian

//  fiddle

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Galen Watts

// bass


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